Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to Kar El

There were a few take aways from the last portrait day.

I was evolving a style where the pencil marks are used as a placeholder while I use the brush to do a final. Problem was, I wasn't fast enough, and the brush I used wasn't enough as a finishing tool. I need to cover great amounts of space in a short time.

I decided to attempt Superman again. This was drawn in the wee hours of the morning and there was a multitude of things wrong with it. But it highlighted that while I assumed that I was capable do doing great work, I've never proved it.

Where were all those fantastic visions, the realistic pictures that I dreamt myself capable of? What is wrong? What do I need to do to evolve?

I decided to try again, this time, adding a little more expression.

This was the one without the pencil layer.

I still didn't like the expression, nor the look of this Kar El. Somehow, something is lost and I still haven't managed to grasp what it was.

Certainly, skills, and knowledge of lighting plays a part of what I needed to improve on, but it was as though as I just could not bring out the expression to say what I truly wanted, or that what that resulted was a muted version of what I imagined.

In any case, it only means I'll try again, and in doing so learn what I need to learn.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The last stretch saw the remaining of us striving to finish up whatever we could.

It was a mad rush until I announced time's up...

Pants down...

Eh. Sorry. That's pen's down.

Here are more pictures!

4 hours to go.

Back after a 30 minute siesta.

But some guys can just keep going...


People are starting to realize that time is really running short, and it was hard to complete the work.

But it's late in the night, we were tired and we got no entertainment.

So we took to staring at the walls.

We were, as you can tell, extremely bored.

We even had a running commentary from Raymond.

3rd one on the Honor's Roll!

Christine proudly presented her completed comic called 1:55 AM which was when she finished...

She's the third one after James and Andrew.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Settling in...

We got people who are settled in earnest in their drawings, or in their blocks. I'm one of the latter.

Sam's finally made the difference.

Poor JK's allergic to something.